About us

1Baclayon Bed and Breakfast is a charming resort located amidst a quaint community overseeing the idyllic beach of Baclayon. Located just a few minutes from Tagbilaran City, we offer an alternative to those who wish to escape the daily grind of urban living, and to those who desire to get lost in their own thoughts or in the company of their loved ones.

Baclayon Bed and Breakfast does not offer the same type of luxury provided by high-end, expensive resorts. We believe, however, that we offer something better! Our service is marked by a return to the basics of travelling—providing a cozy and comfortable sanctuary for those who wish to experience life to the fullest.

For starters, Baclayon Bed and Breakfast offers only six rooms, affording a certain level of exclusivity and privacy that every eager customer can appreciate. Our rooms are inspired by homegrown native materials endemic to Bohol, such as capiz, abaca and rattan. Each room has balcony access to a breathtaking view of the scenic Bohol sea, as well as a grandiose view of nature’s near-perfect sunset. You can start the day frolicking under the sun in our angulated swimming pool, or taking a quiet, romantic walk along the coastline of the untouched Baclayon beach.

Our facilities are complimented by our friendly service staff who epitomizes the very definition of Bohol hospitality. More than just providing home-cooked cuisines, our friendly staff can assist you in finding the best travel package for the perfect Bohol get-away.

Indeed, our personalized service attracts the discerning travellers who long for the serenity and comforting solitude of a cozy resort. In the alternative, BBB is the perfect getaway for families or groups who want to maximize their experience in Bohol. We are confident that you will enjoy this hidden charm that is simply called Baclayon Bed and Breakfast.